Per Opera, Ad Astra

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.”    Margaret Meade            “If not us, who? If not now, when?”    John F Kennedy             “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”      Possibly – Edmund Burke but can be traced to John Stuart Mill 1867.

Although this site refers to the Community Assembly of the British Isles  we will pass your application to the Community Assemblies of Wales, England, Scotland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Ireland which are your individual National Assemblies. From there your details will go to Regional and Local Assemblies and it is the Local Assemblies which are the most important to us as this is an administration for the people and by the people. There are no elected representatives making decisions for you which you may not have agreed to.    Please be diligent when filling out the application form as we require an identifiable name (first name and last name), a location which includes town and county (or in some cases a town and country), an e-mail address and an indication that you agree to the common law oath. Any further information is voluntary but a phone number is very handy at times. The only information that can be shared outside of the Community Assemblies is confirmation that you have taken an oath to common law which may be asked for in relation to the current legal systems. 


This is not a chat site and our communities use platform for the purpose of relaying information. and you may be restricted if you do not complete your application.  Fill out the form at the bottom of the page a completing the oath to natural law and select send.  Community Assemblies are groups of women and men who provide mutual support to residents and each other to ensure all are treated fairly by the authorities, including health and social care services.  These Assemblies are made up of residents concerned about a lack of democratic process at a local and national level, dedicated to preserving and asserting our inalienable rights and obligations to ourselves, the planet and future generations.


The Community Assembly is not a new concept and it has been around since King Alfred who introduced it between the years 870 and 890 AD. We abide by Natural Common Law which is the very bedrock of our constitution with all other laws being subservient to it.  The four main tenets of common law are ;- Do no Harm, Commit no Fraud, Cause no Loss and Keep the Peace. We need to build a network of people in Assemblies across as wide an area as possible to do the following:-

Gather and disseminate information:

This is now starting to come together. I would like to formally invite other groups to forge links with us in order to enhance this network. Please join our Community Assemblies if you would like to play a more active role in bringing truth and support to as wide an audience as possible. This cooperation between ourselves and other organizations has allowed us to achieve much more than we originally dreamt possible in such a short timeframe.

Expertise & Support:

Our aim is use the expertise of individuals within local groups to help and support others. We are now setting up Community Assemblies across the British Isles, and we are in close touch with Assemblies in Canada as well as fledging groups in the USA and South Africa and we are offering support to other countries in any way that we can.  The Community Assemblies operate under Common or Natural Law and allow members to take back control of their own lives.

Fair Treatment:

We aim to ensure that members are treated fairly by authorities, including health and social care services which are currently denying individuals much needed care. We have a wealth of natural healers and care professionals in our ranks and it is not beyond our scope to run our own health service.

Building Communities:

We need to increase our numbers!  At the moment Cornwall is ahead of the rest of Great Britain which is why we are taking the lead in helping other groups to set up. Numbers are important simply because we are going to need a very wide range of skillsets.

Skills and roles:

We need people from all walks of life and all skill groups. If you would like to take a more pro-active role then we certainly need you. Most people are already using social media in one way or another and our contact details are readily available from many sites.  If you would like to contact me direct then my e-mail address is


The aim is not to move you away from other social media platforms, but rather to provide another means of communication amongst like-minded individuals in face to face meetings.  The most urgent help we need is on recruitment. It can sometimes take a while to convince people to take a leap of faith and join us but we should not be pushy or judgmental as in this community people are encouraged to take ownership of their own decisions. We now cover the whole of the British Isles as far as National and Regional Assemblies are concerned and we are busy setting up Local Assemblies.  We are also training Community Peace Keepers and Community Peace Constables to enforce the law and help members when a conflict arises with authorities. These Peace Keepers and Peace Constables form the basis of the Community Assemblies Peace Service. 


People have the right to make their own decisions and walk their own path and that is exactly what the Community Assemblies are all about. We want people to take responsibility for their own lives and, through their own actions, create a stable and lasting community throughout the world. Whenever a discovery is made, or a solution obtained, to share that achievement with the rest of the community without thought of self-aggrandizement or economic gain but only for the simple pleasure of helping others.

How to join

To let us know that you want to be involved with your Local Community Assembly please fill in the contact form linked below and you will receive an email once we have processed your application. The process will not be complete until you have managed to join a Community Assembly group page (on line) in Trooth as this is our only secure and reliable method of communication. Notifications of meetings and seminars are posted through the Community Assembly Trooth groups. 

We would be grateful if you let us know where you live so that we can either attach you to a current Assembly or let you know when one forms. We must reiterate that this is not an online chat group but real people meeting face to face making decisions over the administration of their own communities. The commitment to natural or common law is essential and please do remember that to give a false name is in contravention of this commitment and deemed to be fraud. We understand that many people on other sites use names that are not their own but please remember, that this is a private site and not open to the public. Trying to hide your identity is an insult to the integrity of your fellow Community Assembly members.

Please note that there is a problem with some mail providers. If you have not had a receipt from us within 2 hours or a reply within 5 days then check your spam box or junk folder.


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